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Sooner or later summer will eventually arrive and bring with it heat & sunshine.  With the heat & sun comes the elevated risk of dehydration.  It’s especially dangerous for motorcyclists because we may not feel it’s effects or feel thirsty right away.

The sun, heat & wind can drain the moisture from our bodies at a much faster rate than if we were simply standing or walking.  Add to that our age and certain medications, and the rate & risk of dehydration elevates even higher.

You’ll know you’re becoming dehydrated if you experience things like thirst, less-frequent urination, dry skin, fatigue, light headedness, dizziness, confusion, dry mouth, or increased hear rate and breathing.  Other than less-frequent urination, the rest of the symptoms are certainly NOT what we want to experience while riding.

The way to combat dehydration is simple: take your weight (in lbs.) and divide by 2.  That’s how many ounces of water you should consume during a day of riding in the heat.  Water is your best choice.  Sport drinks are okay, but you may need to drink more to stay properly hydrated.  Alcoholic & caffeinated beverages like soda, coffee and teas are diuretics and actually encourage fluid loss.  So pack some water bottles and be sure to stop frequently for a water break.

Let’s ride.

Nova Popovich

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