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23 comments on “Rider2Rider
  1. Andre says:

    Well we had a great meeting Thursday great way to kick off a new year. Barbara would like to send a BIG Thank You to Father Jon & Paul Isham for their help at the membership table. We welcomed a new member Leonard Smith to the group. Also Jack is looking for someone to take over the News Letter each month. If you’re interested please contact Jack Gorman and let him know.

  2. Webmaster says:

    Just a heads up everyone it’s election time the club will start taking nominations at the August 18th meeting for Director and Assistant Director and 2 Trustees. This is the time you the membership get to make a choice. It’s always good to attend meetings.

  3. Andre Savard says:

    Got this information from Bruce Stisser USE CAUTION on Niagara St. from Old man Rivers to past Mississippi Mud’s the street is grated and getting ready for re-paving AGAIN USE CAUTION IF YOUR RIDING THAT WAY!!!

  4. Andre Savard says:

    Just a reminder to everyone it’s the end of April and there are some 40 members who have not sent in renewals. Also a couple that have not renewed their national membership. The national is a must to be a member of Niagara Falls Chapter. Please take the time to correct this so there will be no interruption in your member activity.

  5. Harry Eberl says:

    Was wondering if there was a group from our club riding to the hog rally in July? Was also wondering if anyone from our club is going to Americade at Lake George in June? Maybe we could mention it at the next meeting…

  6. Nova Popovich says:

    Hello and welcome Harry! Currently there’s about a half dozen various trikes in the group. When group riding, we ride in a staggered formation. For more on how we ride in a group, see our Ride Guide: http://nfhog.net/publication/view/chapter-ride-guide Typically, trikes ride in the center track. As such, they are often asked to be an assistant road captain and given the “sweep” responsibility due to their high visibility. I look forward to seeing both you and Dawn at our next meeting!!!

  7. Harry Eberl says:

    As a new member to the club I was just wondering if any members except myself ride tri-glide Harley trikes…Also was wondering if there was a peticular spot I have to ride in a group … We are very excited to be a part of the Niagra Falls chapter and look forward to riding season and making new friends …. Thank you so much…..Harry and Dawn

  8. Nova Popovich says:

    There are a few ways to be notified of NFHOG events. If you prefer Facebook, you should “Like” our Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/www.nfhog.net/ Also…be sure to subscribe to our new “email Alert System”. This will be discussed at our next meeting. You can also keep an eye on our websites “Event Calendar”. That calendar is the official place to go and is updated by several people. I hope to see you at the meeting…don’t forget…it’s Thursday, January 14!!

  9. Jerome Mazurkiewicz says:

    Question: In order to get Facebook notices, does NFHOG have to invite me the the NFHOG facebook group page? I ask because I was told during last summer the Wed. night rides (as well as other last minute ideas) are always on facebook, yet, I don’t see them.
    Hate the thought of missing out, so trying to ensure I am set up to get notices prior to the season.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Andre Savard says:

    I have been working on up-date to the Board of Directors on this WEB site should have it OK in a few days.

  11. Jerome Mazurkiewicz says:

    Many thanks to Doug Chapman for leading a few of us on the Wed. night ride. The ride was great,as was the fellowship afterward when we stopped for a snack & refreashments before heading home in various directions.
    Thanks Doug

  12. Jerome Mazurkiewicz says:

    Yeah, that’s the route I normally take unless I go south along lake before crossing over by 5 & 20.
    Looking @ calendar see the Hartland ride for Jaws of Life fund. Is anyone from NFHOG doing this?

  13. Nova Popovich says:

    I rode Zoar Valley Rd. Sunday. It’s even worse than it was two years ago. I’d recommend taking 39 all the way to 62. I’ll be at the cruise taking pictures for HardTales Magazine. See ya there!

  14. Jerome Mazurkiewicz says:

    Has anyone been on Zoar Valley rd. from 39 to Gowanda HD? Planning to take ride out there Sat. using that road, but know it was in bad shape a few years ago (last time I was on it).
    Look forward to hearing from anyone who’s been on it recently.
    Gowanda has their Kustom Krusin event Saturday, planning to start out around 10 (music starts @ 11), if anyone interested let me know (jeromem341@gmail.com)

  15. Patricia Frederick says:

    Woohooo!!! great job NOVA….

  16. Nova Popovich says:

    I was able to change the sort order so the newer/most recent comments are listed first. Thanks Patricia. 🙂

  17. Andre Savard says:

    Cool I’m going to use this……………..

  18. Nova Popovich says:

    Thanks all. I’m not listed as webmaster because I’m not the webmaster. Odd, but nonetheless the truth.

  19. Barbara Savard says:

    Great job Nova! I was just wondering why you are not listed as webmaster?

  20. Brian Mowczko says:

    Great job Nova. Like the good use of the calendar. Able to get a better handle on up coming events and rides.

  21. Nova Popovich says:

    Congratulations Lynn! You’re the first to post! Rider2Rider is kind of like a bulletin board. I’m not sure how it’ll evolve, but I envision it a way to communicate riding information. Like the rest of the site, I made it with room to grow. Thanks for stopping by and posting.

  22. Lynn Beach says:

    Nova….what is this rider2rider? I have to be honest this is the first time I have logged unto this site in over a year….Glenn and I were playing around with the computer and found this!

  23. Nova Popovich says:

    Coming soon…Rider 2 Rider…weather reports, road conditions, biker chat & more! Until then, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

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